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Wonder Woman Reveals the Epic Origin of Her Lasso

Wonder Woman’s Golden Lasso has different origins over the years but another possible origin is that it was made from the mythological Golden Fleece!

Warning! Spoilers to Wonder Woman: Black and Gold #1 below!

Wonder Woman just revealed a new origin for her iconic lasso. The epic Lasso of Truth has been a signature weapon for Princess Diana of Themyscira since its introduction in Sensational Comics #6. Although its origins have changed repeatedly along with its famous wielder, the lasso’s magical properties have served Wonder Woman well throughout her superhero career. A new story has offered another origin for it, that it was created from the famous Golden Fleece of Greek mythology.

Created by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter, the Lasso of Truth was first created from Greek goddess Aphrodite’s Magic Girdle, magically enhanced to be physically unbreakable, infinitely elastic and capable of commanding people to tell the truth with no resistance whatsoever. This origin was replaced with the god Hephaestus forging the Lasso from the Golden Girdle of Earth’s Gaea which retained some of its original abilities along with new abilities like hypnosis or protection from magical attacks among others. In the New 52, the Lasso was called the Golden Perfect, a long cherished Amazonian relic that required the purest heart to wield it. While attributes such as being unbreakable remained, the Lasso was now also capable of things such as language translation, memory sharing, and powerful binding and sealing abilities for extranormal forces as it forced its captives to face their inner falsehoods.

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In Wonder Woman: Black and Gold #1, the collection of stories includes The Wager by writer/artist Becky Cloonan. The story sees the famous female Justice Leaguer interrogating a well-dressed criminal about his many crimes. When the arrogant suspect misunderstands the capabilities of the Lasso, Diana takes it as an opportunity to tell him the Lasso’s origin story. After slaying the gigantic, flesh-eating bull that guarded it, Diana claimed the Golden Fleece and made the long journey to the Underworld. Despite the criminals claims of disbelief and atheism, Diana tells him she brought the Fleece to the all-knowing Fates, the three women who estimate, measure and cut the life expectancy for all mortals. It was the Fates who took the Golden Fleece and transformed it into the Golden Lasso that she’s been using all of these years.

Among the notable differences with this new origin is that the Lasso was not created from a magical girdle but rather a different yet still mythical artifact. It was not created by any Smith God or enchanted spell but rather from the very forces that acted as fate for the entire world including Diana’s island of faithful Amazons. Although this is another change to the origin of her golden weapon, Cloonan continues the tradition of tying it into mythology while keeping its key essentials intact. Although the public presumes to understand the Lasso’s power, Wonder Woman explains that the Lasso will get the truth of whomever is bound and commanded by it and often what it reveals can be so traumatic that its prisoner take years to recover, some never truly doing so.

When talking with Batman after the successful interrogation, Cloonan uses Diana to acknowledge the Golden Lasso‘s many changes to its origin while also leaving room for another writer to contradict or edit her contribution in the future. Batman is the audience asking DC and its new Omniverse if this story is relevant along with all of the other stories that are now not only canon but connected and influencing each other. In the style of the newer, more loose continuity, Wonder Woman doesn’t say yes but doesn’t completely deny it, leaving it completely up to the reader to choose what story to believe and what to take away without getting all tied up in the details.

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