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Yara Responds To Accusations Of Extreme Upselling

After word got out that Yara over-inflates the prices on her clothing shop, fans were furious. Now, Yara is defending her business practices.

After getting called out recently for over-inflating the prices on her online retail shop, Yara Zaya has clapped back, and the 90 Day Fiancé star didn’t mince words when confronting a fan online. Yara has always slammed the gold-digger label she got early on in the franchise, and she’s worked hard to prove that she’s not completely dependent on her husband Jovi. But when she started getting criticism over the way she runs her business, it’s clear that Yara took it personally.

Yara has always gotten a ton of compliments about her clothes and personal style, so it didn’t take long for her to monetize the popularity of her fashion. On Instagram, Yara sells her used clothes, and through her online shop, Yara also retails many items that she has in her own closet. However, recently she’s come under fire for price gouging, after it was discovered that some of her items could be found elsewhere online for much less than Yara was charging.

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After Yara was busted for upselling clothing on her website, the news made the rounds on social media, and a popular fan account, this_mommy_says_bad_words, reposted a post about a $130 dress Yara sells that can allegedly be found on Amazon for less than $80. Yara quickly slid into the fan’s DMs to admonish them for attacking her business. “How people like that can live and try to destroy somebody’s business…that is insane,” Yara said in a voice message. 

Yara also doubled-down that the dress was legit, saying, “I made the dress, I pay a lot of money to order that dress.” Many fans have accused Yara of being bratty and rude before, and it seems Yara fully expects them to do it again. “I shouldn’t making you voice message because…you will just send to all of this group and you will tell everybody ‘look what Yara is telling me’ but I’m telling you that is insane that somebody like you try to destroy somebody’s business.

Although Yara’s vitriol was a little misplaced, given that she was not responding to the original poster, it’s understandable that she would be upset at the criticism she’s receiving. Most businesses charge more for their products than what it cost to manufacture them, and in the fashion world there are all kinds of copycat items that can’t be identified until they’re seen in person. Yara’s anger is justified, but in the future she would probably be better off not engaging with fans so eager to criticize her.

Though Yara doesn’t always get sympathy from viewers, the 90 Day Fiancé star is sure to catch extra heat for the revelations about her retail shop pricing. Although she may be caught up in the negative comments, Yara still has a lot of defenders who see her business practices as no different than any other retailer. Yara obviously hit her limit recently when she felt the need to respond by voice message, and next time she might just want to put the phone down and walk away.

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Source: that_mommy_says_bad_words

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