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Yazan Reveals Details About His Upcoming Wedding

Yazan previously revealed that he was engaged to someone new, but he just shared new details about his wedding, and it’s sooner than fans expected.

Brittany Banks’ ex Yazan Abu Harira from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way revealed to fans that he was engaged, but newly-released details about his wedding show he’ll be off the market sooner than anyone realized. Yazan has spoken about future wife Leena on the franchise before, and it seems like he’s found a better match with this relationship. He recently announced his wedding on Instagram, and Yazan appears happier than ever to be sharing the news.

On The Other Way, Yazan and Brittany attempted to start a life together in Yazan’s home country of Jordan. However, things went south for the couple almost as soon as Brittany got off the plane, when Yazan threw a fit after Brittany unveiled a bottle of booze and hugged someone on the production team. It was clear his girlfriend didn’t fit in with his culture, but Yazan was reportedly obsessed with Brittany’s body and was willing to risk a lot to stay with her. Ultimately, the couple broke up and fans near-unanimously agreed it was for the best.

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Though fans were aware that Yazan planned to marry his girlfriend Leena, he recently posted a wedding announcement to his Instagram that reveals the big day is coming up soon. “Mr. Ziyad Ahmed Issa Abu Harira and Mr. Amin Ali Salim Abu Azia are honored to invite you to the wedding of Yazan Ziyad Ahmed Abu Harira & his wife,” the announcement reads. “It will be on Thursday evening 8/7/2021 at the house of the groom’s father as part of a family ceremony.

The wedding ceremony will be limited to family due to “current circumstances” (presumably COVID-19), but that doesn’t mean there’s any less excitement. After his family’s terrible experience with Brittany, Yazan didn’t tell his parents about his girlfriend at first. However, They seem to be supportive of Leena, even though Yazan plans to join her in the U.S. while she finishes her studies. Yazan’s relationship with his parents was strained because of his relationship with Brittany, so it must be a relief to all involved that he’s moved on to someone new.

Both Brittany and Yazan have grown since their time on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, though they’re going about life in very different ways. Brittany has been living it up as a single girl on some of the franchise spin-offs, and Yazan seems more interested in starting a family. With his nuptials fast approaching, Yazan is in a good place to move past the drama he found himself involved in while dating Brittany on the show.

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Source: Yazan Abu Harira/Instagram

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